Sweet Chick : spread love it’s the Brooklyn way…

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I have spent the last couple nights eating dinner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and would recommend the new, resonably priced restaurant Sweet Chick. Self defined as  “American cuisine with a Southern accent” the menu mainly attracts diners for its fried chicken.

I ordered the duck sliders served  on sweet, soft brioche rolls and the pickle plate which consisted of carrots, okra, watermelon rind and eggs to start. I was not wild about the pickled veggies, but the watermelom rinds were very unique and  the sliders were delicious. Then, of course, I had to try the fried chicken bucket. The chicken was well seasoned with  perfectly crispy skin abd was accompanied by a soft fluffy biscuit.

Sweet Chick’s service was very quick and overall I left satisfied. I only wish I had tried the general tso’s fried chicken which I imagine would be an unusual but interesting varietion of their basic chicken bucket.


164 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY, 11249

(347) 725-4793


Uncle Boons

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Tucked away on the edge of Soho is Uncle Boons, a small thai restaurant. The walls are covered with an eclectic collection of faded paintings and various photos. The two chefs Matt Danzer and Ann Redding who have both previously worked at Per Se, produce a wonderful array of recipes that they picked up both from their travels in Thailand and from Redding’s childhood table (namesake being her Uncle Boon).

We ordered rotisserie chicken with sticky rice and dipping sauces and a fabulous mango salad. The chopped lamb salad was well seasoned with mint and lime. I was not as enamored by the blow fish tails but the entire meal was very enjoyable and I am eager to return to try out the remainder of the menu.

7 Spring St., New York, NY 10012

(646) 370-6650


Hog Island Oyster Co.


About 50 miles north of San Francisco on Tomales Bay is the Hog Island Oyster Company. I was lucky enough to stop by on a particularly sunny morning to sample some of the freshest oysters I have ever had. The farm is open to the public and a lovely destination for an outdoor picnic.  I arrived before they opened and was welcomed to one of their picnic tables to await the morning truck of oysters to arrive.


Hog Island allows visitors to bring their own meal additions to be grilled on-site and eaten with a plate of oysters. You can sit all afternoon surrounded by the beautiful bay scenery and oyster beds as well as enjoy watching the team shuck fresh oysters.



Espana Continued…Jamon Serrano


Day 2: Jamon Serrano


Another staple of Spanish cuisine is Jamon Serrano; literally translating to “Mountain Ham”. The origins of the name link to the process of how the ham is cured.  In the curing process, the jamon is hung in a cool dry place for 6-18 months contingent on the climate – hence the name mountain ham.  (THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA) *side note: I was thinking, there should be a food-o-pedia??  (for lack of a better name)

You see, I tend to just eat what’s in front of me (because I’ll eat anything) before conducting an Anthony Bourdain show.  For example, Me: “Oh, whats this? NVM!! nom nom nom…” Sad, but true. In hindsight, I should’ve gone back and interviewed a couple of the butchers or restaurant owners or the  hot Spaniard drinking a latte.  (hola guapo!)

Bottom line, it’s pretty much the Spanish equivalent of prosciutto.  The ham is so fine, and thin that it almost melts in your mouth like a breath-strip, but salty. Which is like better!

Spaniards eat it plain, or with pan tomate (crushed up tomato with garlic, salt and olive oil on bread).  It was so good, that I had to smuggle some home…(SHH!!) YUM!!

International Feature: Espana!



Day 1: Barcelona

We feast on a very simple,  authentic Spanish dish. Tortilla de Patatas, which is pretty much a potato omelette, fritatta, torta, egg-cake, etc. It’s pretty much just eggs, potatoes and an onion. You can find this dish everywhere in Spain, it’s like the American equivalent of french fries.  Commonly found in bars and cafes and served as a tapas, it can also be enjoyed for dinner.  Very delicious, filling, and easy to make!!