Egg-In-A-Hole from Santiago, Chile!

south america, sweet

I will be down in Santiago, Chile for five months and plan to blog about all my interesting food experiences.  Well today I had my first.  After huffing our way to the top of San Cristobal Hill we noticed everyone sipping and eating these…

We had NO IDEA what it was and to be honest it looked pretty gross and 0% refreshing.  But the same people that were sweating their way up the hill with us seemed to be enjoying them to we took a risk.  Turns out, DELICIOUS!

It was called “Rico Mote con Huesillos” and it was essentially peaches in a sweet tea with dried husked wheat at the bottom.  We have since found out this is national drink of Chile, and is especially popular in the summer time (now).  If you ever travel to Chile I highly recommend you try this national treasure.