Sweet Chick : spread love it’s the Brooklyn way…

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I have spent the last couple nights eating dinner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and would recommend the new, resonably priced restaurant Sweet Chick. Self defined as  “American cuisine with a Southern accent” the menu mainly attracts diners for its fried chicken.

I ordered the duck sliders served  on sweet, soft brioche rolls and the pickle plate which consisted of carrots, okra, watermelon rind and eggs to start. I was not wild about the pickled veggies, but the watermelom rinds were very unique and  the sliders were delicious. Then, of course, I had to try the fried chicken bucket. The chicken was well seasoned with  perfectly crispy skin abd was accompanied by a soft fluffy biscuit.

Sweet Chick’s service was very quick and overall I left satisfied. I only wish I had tried the general tso’s fried chicken which I imagine would be an unusual but interesting varietion of their basic chicken bucket.


164 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY, 11249

(347) 725-4793


Uncle Boons

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Tucked away on the edge of Soho is Uncle Boons, a small thai restaurant. The walls are covered with an eclectic collection of faded paintings and various photos. The two chefs Matt Danzer and Ann Redding who have both previously worked at Per Se, produce a wonderful array of recipes that they picked up both from their travels in Thailand and from Redding’s childhood table (namesake being her Uncle Boon).

We ordered rotisserie chicken with sticky rice and dipping sauces and a fabulous mango salad. The chopped lamb salad was well seasoned with mint and lime. I was not as enamored by the blow fish tails but the entire meal was very enjoyable and I am eager to return to try out the remainder of the menu.

7 Spring St., New York, NY 10012

(646) 370-6650


Hog Island Oyster Co.


About 50 miles north of San Francisco on Tomales Bay is the Hog Island Oyster Company. I was lucky enough to stop by on a particularly sunny morning to sample some of the freshest oysters I have ever had. The farm is open to the public and a lovely destination for an outdoor picnic.  I arrived before they opened and was welcomed to one of their picnic tables to await the morning truck of oysters to arrive.


Hog Island allows visitors to bring their own meal additions to be grilled on-site and eaten with a plate of oysters. You can sit all afternoon surrounded by the beautiful bay scenery and oyster beds as well as enjoy watching the team shuck fresh oysters.



BOHEMIAN : behind the butcher shop

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Recently, I dined at Bohemian, the small and secretive Japanese restaurant located behind the butcher shop on Great Jones Street.  In order to go, one must contact them to inquire about dining and may or may not get an invitation to make a reservation with the restaurant’s unlisted phone number in return.

The interior is small, dimly lit and almost feels like you are seated in a friend’s living room complete with couches.  My meal ranged from oysters, beef sashimi to two different dishes with uni. The menu also offers dishes such as foie gras soba, beef sliders and vegetable fondue.  I cannot wait to go back and highly recommend trying to get an invitation to experience behind the butcher shop.

My favorite dish was the uni rice bowl

We also ordered the pan roasted branzini which was served with a brussel sprouts, zucchini, onions and sea salt.  I have never had a fish eyeball and my friend insisted that I tried this one.


57 Great Jones Street, NYC (www.playearth.jp)

Buenos Aires (NYC) Steak

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The best steak I have ever had in my life was on a trip  to actual Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, my recent East Village Buenos Aires steak experience was just as phenomenal. Along with grilled provolone, arugula salad and spinach, I ordered the 24oz Bife de Chorizo Especial Buenos Aires that was served with an amazing chimichurri sauce.

Buenos Aires : 513 E 6th Street : http://buenosairesnyc.com/menu.php

Lunch in the NYC Garment District

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I work in the garment district of NYC. While there are endless amounts of delis, ready-made sandwiches and make your own salad places for lunch, I soon tire of these options and have been able to find a few fabulous alternatives that still deliver or are able to prepare you a quick lunch (for those like me who almost never have time to step outside during the day).

Here are my favorites :

– Piccolo Cafe (http://www.piccolocafe.us/274-w-40th-street) I always order “THE WORKS” omelette with prosciutto, truffles and bufala and a salad. The interior makes me forget that I am a block from Times Square.

Nick’s Place (located at 550 7th ave, entrance at 201 West 39th Street)

You would never know of this place by just walking down the street; it is known as “the fashion district’s best kept secret.” To enter, you must go through the buildings freight elevator entrance which is not obvious from the outside.  Nick’s has great veggies, salads, wraps and tacos (that I have heard are gluten-free). 

The Counter (Times Square location – http://www.thecounterburger.com/menu/)

I order custom burgers from here, the only downside is if you cannot leave the office, they only deliver after 2pm and I’am usually ready for lunch WELL before that hour. If you’re extra hungry, you have the option of a 1lb burger.  Toppings range from herb goat cheese to guacamole and smoked ham to various relishes and sauces like basil pesto, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and apricot sauce.  I HAVE to get the parmesan fries with my lunch which are amazing and always have to order a side of them for our office manager them as well.

Spätzle : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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The other night I spent several cozy hours at  Edi and the Wolf ,  Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban’s Austrian restaurant on Avenue C.  We  sat tucked in the corner under an old desk lamp, surrounded by paintbrushes, dried artichokes and a massive hanging rope (which I later learned came from a church bell tower).  The meal started with the delicious Arctic Char with radish and dill followed by the Daurade and hazelnut crepe. While every bite I took was amazing, the best plate I tried that evening was the Spatzle with wild mushrooms and Brussel sprouts topped with crispy onions.

Dinner and Breakfast

After cleaning the entire dish, our waitress overhead me gushing to my table that I could easily eat the warm noodles every meal of the day and came over to divulge her Spatzle breakfast secret.  Every night she ordered one to go for the morning and would heat it back up for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees. Then she added bacon and an over easy egg on top. I ordered an extra to go immediately.

I awoke the following day like a child on Christmas morning to enjoy my Spatzle breakfast and can say it may have even been better with eggs.

Edi and the Wolf : 102 Avenue C